• Freedom Writers

    I just want you to know that you are cherished.
    Talking to you tends to replenish,
    my soul,
    and heart.
    I'll be there to help you pick apart,
    any moments because I always want you to express.
    You always impress,
    me with your insight.
    It gives me a sense of might,
    and love,
    and tenderness.
    I love how you're apart of my daily process,
    and we always have at least a small moment,
    I'm just full of joy when you're present.
    I've even told you about those little voices,
    it took some time but I made the right choices,
    of telling you all about it.
    For you it's so easy for me to commit,
    to being there for you in every conceivable manner.
    You can count on me to carry your banner.
    I love how we're both so empathetic,
    it allows us to bond and we're so synergetic.
    Even when you're not there I can feel your presence,
    and I'm filled with a sense of pleasance.
    No one likes it when you must say goodbye,
    but I know you'll always be there to be my sunrise.

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