• Freedom Writers

    The worst thing I've ever done is make you disappointed,
    even a hint at that has caused my heart to drop in my chest,
    and I can't help but want to take it back,
    and come to your protection,
    even if it's from myself,
    you just mean that much to me.
    You say it's OK,
    and I believe you,
    but I'll still go out of my way,
    to prevent that feeling again.
    You're so important to me,
    that giving you anything but my best,
    sometimes just isn't enough,
    but that's always the object of my ambitions,
    and so I'll continue to strive for that excellence,
    that I know you deserve.
    Every part of me is into you at the highest levels,
    and there isn't a single thing I wouldn't do for you,
    even if you don't want it,
    and you tell me it's not necessary,
    I'll continue to have it available.
    My support for you exists in every conceivable manner,
    and no matter how long it takes,
    I'm going to travel with you on your expedition,
    to find yourself,
    and what you need.
    Both of us have found what we've needed,
    and I believe there is literally nothing in this world that can surprise us now,
    that we won't be prepared for,
    because I have you,
    and you have me.
    Disappointment happens,
    but it'll never be that bad,
    because I have you standing there next to me,
    telling me it's OK,
    and then you'll put that smile on my face like you always do,
    that smirk that you love,
    and I'll always make sure to return the favor.
    It happens to be my favorite activity,
    and doing it only once,
    is all I need to make my day.
    I look forward to the next smile I'll be able to put on you,
    it's the best thing you could possibly wear.

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