• Banned

    I have met a special soul
    One that is so divine
    We fill each other
    To overflowing
    With our very essence
    It’s like we’ve known
    Each other forever
    Like we’re sisters
    Or maybe long time lovers

    Our souls cry out
    To each other
    Despite the distance
    Within our hearts
    We started a journey
    One in which
    We shall mirror each other
    For now and forever
    For eternity
    What are you
    But that which completes me

    This is for My goddess @NiaRox. You know all you’ve ever done for me and I love you.

  • @Wicked_ Love it! <3 What a lucky goddess :)

  • Banned

    @Sassygirl Thanks I really appreciate it. I'm the lucky on tbh. She is so amazing I don't think of myself as hardly worthy of her.