• Freedom Writers

    The past is set in stone,
    there's no changing what's happened,
    so don't look back,
    unless it's to learn what's made you,
    the person you are now,
    because advancing yourself,
    is the most important thing you can do,
    and repeating the past,
    if it's something that brings pain,
    should be avoided if you can.
    The present is less certain,
    as your actions can change at the last second,
    but what happens is the truth,
    and you have to accept the consequences,
    as the present is the only way to see,
    the 4th dimension,
    which is time,
    and we only have one perspective in that aspect,
    as it's the only view we get into that world,
    but that doesn't make it good or bad,
    it just makes it apart of you,
    and what makes you is a wonderful thing,
    whenever you have a chance to realize it.
    The future is ever changing,
    and it's not guaranteed to happen,
    until it does,
    and it's OK to dream,
    of the possibilities,
    but don't get lost in that dream,
    because you can turn it into a nightmare,
    trying to achieve something,
    that will never happen,
    but keep all the options,
    and opportunities open to you,
    because you'd be amazed what will emerge,
    when you least suspect.