• Freedom Writers

    I'm not attempting to delay in any way,
    but there are just so many things that catch my attention,
    so many interests that I just don't have the time,
    and I pile high the amount that I want to do,
    at the same time,
    that when I try to contemplate,
    what my next move will be,
    something new shows up and distracts me again.
    I want to plan ahead,
    I want to follow through,
    I don't want to get behind,
    and waste more time,
    but it's like any addiction,
    I just come back for more abuse,
    to my management of the next interval,
    that prevents me from advancing,
    but I can't help the return,
    there's always something new to see,
    new to experience,
    and I know that I'll enjoy what I come across.
    Sometimes I wish I could disconnect from it all,
    and go for the simple,
    but those thoughts don't last long,
    as I know I'll end up wasting that time too.
    I guess I'm just on an endless loop,
    that keeps pushing me to the next destination,
    and I know I can still get done what I need to,
    at least that's what I keep telling myself.

  • @us-poet thats so true😊😊

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