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    My life at fourteen years was a blur because I was on a creative writing high. I don't remember living it so much as guiding it. In this stage of my life I'd written my First complete literary composition, a narrative saga called All the Broken Sunrises.
    Here I am to either weekly or daily post successive parts of that narrative. How it is recieved will govern if I continue.
    It's a very personal work that I now realize was subconsciously telling me things a bout myself, so I hope it gives you an idea of how my 14yr old mind worked.
    Btw, it is set in the distant future and so I'd invented a few words.

    Part One


    The voices spoke as if there were no hovering
    ears in the fore and the back.
    The first was that of cold-lipped father,
    the second of a white-faced stranger
    (his visage I could not see).
    Their discourse met me not in its entirety.

    “I am wont to leave him be.” said father.

    -Although, to solidate* him
    while the thread of his shirt unravels
    is wrong.

    -You know nothing.

    -He is rousted?

    -I am unaware to his state, but often
    he sits with dawn for moments –
    flickers as ashes aglow –
    then descends in an hour.
    It might now be the afterfall*.

    -He’s yet holding the roots.

    -He’s yet yanking them.

    -But the sap is green.

    -The leaves are fallen.

    -The ground is lively.

    -It is frozen.

    -The case shouldn’t be prepped.

    -This should be made, polished.

    -Have you no wish for succession?

    -It is one’s succession
    that braids the other’s rope.

    -Have you the rope?

    -I have.

    -Have you the succession?

    -I have.

    -As long?

    -… I have.

    -Throw where least the cattle.

    -I threw the bone and fed the beasts.

    -Why must you tarry the suffering
    when it is a cup with fire to the brim?

    -I will guard my fires and dampen the pain.

    -But he is your educated page.

    -A page he says.

    -A page, yes.

    -I haven’t a leaf.
    The winter is cold and my heart it is fatigued.

    -Have yet the heart
    for the blood of thy betrothed.

    -I haven’t a half else, I haven’t a leaf.
    All is passed, all is wasted.
    I am in remorse for ghosts.
    Thy purpose is told.

    -I shall lead him?

    -He should be surveyed.
    The doe collapses shortly
    by toxin of dragons.

    -I shall lead, then, thy ghosts—

    -Silence, the grave is entombed.

             TO BE CONTINUED
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    I like it. It’s different and I’d love to see more

  • Henlo Gang SEEKERS Freedom Writers

    If anyone's confused with what my word choice signifies, it's that I'm using a different form of imagery. The white faces stranger for example means it is blank. A stranger I cannot see.

  • Henlo Gang SEEKERS Freedom Writers

    Also I forgot to include the glossary of words I'd invented or derived from actual words.
    These are all I feel I need to explain.

    Notes on the Text Marked by an Asterisk:

    • Solidate: to distance from someone/something by rendering the idea of he/she/it tangible – an object that may be grasped, and so, discarded.

    • Afterfall: the period of time (often during camping) when the smoke and ashes of a fire die down.

    • Forelong: as though, as long as, even though, though, because. (It is a Context Variant.)

    • Maelstrom: a famous poet of the time, and whose poems generally followed the synatic stanza form. (A Synate is a poem that obeys the structure: four lines, the first two having six syllables, the third having seven, and the fourth having five. It is a Context Variant, in the sense that a synatic poem’s meaning varies with its placement. It is often satirical.)

    • Eironffilac, Acerriman: a fictional capital and its state from the year 2450.

    • Trepid: fearful of action and/or adventure.

    • Awave: in numbers that lead to tumult.

    • Timefully: nevertheless.

    • Lucency: the sake of conversation or of breaking tension.

    • Importuned: annoying, unfortunate, disliked.

    • Be-ayn: elsewhere.

    • Profabulated: argued.

    • Inusoidal: logical, (often an idea) to be considered.

    • The Dam: when the ocean rose too much, rather than relocate their residency, the people of New Death Valley, California built a massive dam that is constantly heightened and fortified to account for any further oceanic rise.

    • Were-Yonder scale: a scale which measures how far one must go to look back.

    • Peal: distance (one's self) from disapproving acts, glorify, treat.

    • Bawn: in sudden, large amounts.

    • Centurioned: aged for centuries.

    • Thackneyed: (of an object) worn to the point of uselessness.

    • Fairfall: (to bid someone) a good journey to the afterlife.

    • Almeskinian Massacre: in the year 2443, a cigarette known as Almeskin was released in the market. It was advertised to have been designed to tone down anxiety while having no sideeffects. But it caused stage seven lung cancer, and the billions of people taking it died in seven minutes. The population was reduced to a third of its former number. And the streets were piled with bodies.

    • Gardenian: having natural beauty, without the aid of cosmetic products.

    • Frère Champagne Mille: a French poet, whose poems were also synatic.

    • Lucencies: small debris.

    • Evermark: (mythology) after a person dies, he/she will have to pass the gate to Paradise. There, a gatekeeper will study his/her life achievements and give them an eternal rating, the Evermark, which will limit their capabilities in Paradise.

    • Frame: doorway.

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