• Banned

    I set into the woods
    Sad and depressed
    Seeking solace
    And strength
    To try and refind myself
    As I wandered aimlessly
    Amongst the dark trees
    Suddenly you appeared
    With Raven hair
    Dark penetrating stare
    A self assured smile
    And a hand placed upon a cocked hip.
    Your radiant smile lifted my spirits
    And your touch set my skin ablaze
    You pulled my sorrow
    From my soul
    And filled me with your
    Delight instead
    All that night
    With tender caresses
    And sensual kisses
    Longing sighs
    And pleasured.....
    You drew me deep
    You made me whole
    And filled my soul
    When I left that wood
    I was no longer alone
    But hand and hand
    With you

    This one is dedicated to m Goddess. @NiaRox
    I love you and you’re so amazing I hope this was everything you wanted

  • LurkersForLife Gamers Freedom Writers

    i love it. im inured to loneliness so this really moves me to ponder my plight. It just reminds me that we are amorous by nature. we need each other and must realize humanity is an interconnected web.

  • Banned

    @chewie I’m glad you liked this one. I wrote it cause it was inspired by Nia. She’s been one person that’s always been there for me since I met her. No matter how depressed angry or upset I am she can literally put a smile on my face and make my day better.

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