• Freedom Writers

    I was wondering around,
    waiting to be found,
    and while I was were the trees were abound,
    there came in my guiding light,
    that was so bright,
    I could see in the night,
    and begin to navigate,
    through these timbers of fate,
    and it was on this date,
    that my life was finally pointing straight.
    You don't realize,
    how much you need the advice,
    of a good navigator,
    until you meet them to help you keep it together,
    because how can you notice what you don't have,
    until it's something that you've had,
    but sometimes when you're out with the dryads,
    you get tricked onto the wrong path,
    and to get back,
    you just need to find someone with the map,
    to dodge the wolves,
    and to take the wool,
    that's been a distraction,
    covering your eyes from your proper actions,
    that will give you the satisfaction,
    as they become your extraction,
    from these timbers,
    that will dismember,
    if you're not carefully stepping,
    around the things you should be addressing,
    because after you realize how alone you've been it's quite upsetting,
    but now you have someone to guide you through these woods of depression.
    Now that you're my guide,
    through these pines,
    that have captivated,
    and saying things that should always have been said,
    I'm going to go ahead,
    following your compass,
    to help me accomplish,
    my ability to find actualization,
    of who I truly am and I'll stay behind you without hesitation,
    because now that we have the other,
    we'll have at least one person in this world to face damnation,
    because I never new you could exist but you've already exceeded all expectations.

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