• Once upon a time in a far far away place there was a little universe called HELL. And in HELL was a planet called EARTH. And I was somewhere in earth smiling to myself thinking of all the bad things I did to end up here:) (I realised the answer is simply just existing boom it’s a sin itself) so I wake up in the morning feeling like a serial banner, SGT was a huge inspiration to me, and when I get into the shower thinking of all the nicest, gOdLiEst people to ban, the shower curtains wrapped around me, trapping me in my own space of DOOM, I couldn’t breathe I felt trapped in a cage and I was traumatised ever since

    Fr tho has your shower curtain ever just stuck to you like it’s been glued on, what a pain😭


    Damn, SGT Ripley Kraken is everywhere, even in our bathrooms