• Freedom Writers

    You are the one to give me insight,
    the one who keeps me up all night,
    because you are the best companion,
    that I can always depend on,
    and always give me what I need,
    so I must succeed,
    to these feelings that you bring,
    as you're the one who makes me feel complete.
    I know I'll never be able to beat,
    the emotions and jubilation,
    of how you consume my concentration,
    while diminishing my agitation,
    that you deserve a bouquet of carnations.
    Our time is worth mentioning,
    as to me it's always an inspiration,
    which makes you my all-time favorite fixation,
    deserving whatever free time that I am able,
    making me feel a little bit more stable,
    in the chaos created by life’s permit,
    but the smiles you leave upon my face make it all so worth it.
    I wish I could write down every moment,
    meeting you when I was broken,
    you helped me and now I'm growing,
    so I'll stick to these specific instances,
    that can be intense,
    but now that I know of your existence,
    without you I'll always have a piece of me that I miss,
    because you are my muse,
    and I mainly want to use,
    you to be my friend,
    but by the end,
    of our conversation,
    I'm writing down more than before between the flirtation,
    and I hope you get out of life what you've been after,
    because I've found what I want and it's just more of your chatter,
    helping each other be better,
    and more discussions with you as they're always full of laughter.

  • Freedom Writers

    @wildwallflower thank you. That's the greatest compliment and what I strive for.

  • @us-poet can relate ☺..

  • @us-poet I don't think I'm going to read that

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