• Freedom Writers

    I was created for one purpose,
    one existence,
    one scene,
    and I have no other meaning,
    than to be a picture on a wall,
    where I'm admired from afar.
    But then somewhat happened that was quite bazaar,
    I noticed her positioned across from me,
    and couldn't notice that she was glancing in my direction.
    I could see her affection,
    in her eyes,
    as I begin to fantasize,
    that we could be united as one,
    but that's impossible,
    because it's beyond my control,
    for a man made out of paint,
    to feel anything but constraint,
    to the lines that have been drawn.
    I begin to dream,
    of a new reality,
    one where these boarders that are at the edge,
    will extend to let her in,
    and our colors can begin to blend,
    as I stare at her,
    a most wondrous creation.

    I was a fresh piece,
    my lines had barely dried,
    and I thought that I was provided,
    with everything that I was to experience,
    as it's best to distance,
    yourself from anything that's not your purpose,
    and be something that people will discuss,
    but I couldn't help but wish for something better.
    When I found my location,
    I saw something that gave me some palpitations,
    and that was a magnificent creation across from me.
    He looked so gentle and kind,
    where he was posed,
    in a way that made me feel exposed,
    in ways I didn't imagine I could be made to feel,
    by anyone,
    but my love for him had already begun.
    I tried to look away,
    and not stray,
    from my singular purpose,
    the only point of my existence,
    but he was all I wanted in that moment,
    and without him I already feel broken.
    I think about what could be,
    to have him with me,
    but our divine creators have to see that to be fit,
    and I don't know if they would ever commit,
    to having us be together,
    but I can wait forever,
    if need be,
    to have him standing next to me,
    for eternity.

    I keep looking and hoping that she'll be mine.

    I keep looking and hoping that our creators will find,
    a place for him.

    I hope the ones above notice me pining for her.

    I hope he notices my glances and they don't deter,
    him in any way.

    Something catches my attention,
    and is that a new painting that may be commissioned,
    with the hopes of my one wish,
    and that's to be with her my acrylic temptress.

    I see our maker,
    with a new canvas next to pen and paper,
    and I can only think of one ending,
    and that's me standing next to him.

    The brushes are stroked,
    and I'm getting choked,
    up from what I begin to see,
    and that's her standing next to me,
    as the picture begins to coalesce,
    it looks as if my thoughts have been addressed,
    and it will be as if we're one being,
    just one painting.

    I see the mural,
    and as I notice the apparel,
    and I can't help but see the visualization,
    of him with me in this glorious new creation,
    of everything I was expecting,
    and hoping,
    and dreaming,
    happening all at once,
    and it's because,
    of this sentiment,
    a new environment,
    for our existence,
    and I begin to weep,
    as I close my eyes as the tears seep,
    into the page,
    I start to feel that I won't mind my cage,
    because I'll have everything I need soon.

    I close my eyes,
    one last time,
    and open to find,
    I've awakened in a new place,
    staring at her face,
    and embracing her like I always envisioned,
    as I've completed my only mission,
    of holding her.

    I close my eyes,
    and open them to analyze,
    my new position,
    and that's me with him,
    and as I lay in his arms,
    I look back and notice from afar,
    those were just us as sketches,
    and it would seem that I was always pledged,
    to belong to him,
    and our picture perfect refinement,
    will make all those who view to feel content,
    as they can conceptualize the perfect relationship.

  • Beautifully written that was amazing

  • @abby-83 why thank you, but I only did it because you gave me the idea, so this wouldn't exist without you.

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  • @ragnar my secret is practice, and www.rhymezone.com

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    Wow ! That's something incredible.

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  • beautifully written

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