Emotional Water Fountain

  • Freedom Writers

    We've been together for so long,
    you and me,
    out to see,
    the world and all it's splendor,
    and you showed me an new type of wonder,
    of being and possibilities,
    to me you're an emotional utility,
    and I'm able to access you whenever I need.
    It's been so long since I've felt free,
    but there you were to show me,
    how to access those feelings inside,
    as I too often would bide,
    and bottle up without expression,
    but then it was like your mission,
    to take me out of the self,
    self pity,
    to hide inside,
    and open up to the point,
    where I wouldn't explode with an emotional outcry,
    and wouldn't leave those feeling lie.
    Sometimes recently,
    it's like there's an emotional water fountain,
    that now and again,
    gets turned up to high,
    and over floors all over,
    and then we overcompensate to a trickle,
    and your there to help me when I'm brittle.
    I'm not promising that it will never happen again,
    but I'm so happy you'll be there when,
    I'm feeling the pain,
    well up again.

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