I dont know how to begin to move on

  • I have been with this guy for two years and he just up and left me a month after i found out i was pregnant,he met a girl and fell in love soon after, i still tried to fix us while i was pregnant and even after our baby was born, he gave me the impression that we could try again ,that i had a chance , leading me on giving me false hope , acting as if he loved me ....he eventually came out and told me that he was using me after we broke up, he lead me on because he believed if he told me he didnt want me i would keep our kid from him....this is my second child...i dont understand why men keep getting me pregnant and leaving..im so heartbroken ...i really thought i could have a family this time...i cry everyday for him...i cant breathe..i cant eat..i cant sleep..i cant focus ....i feel like i cant go on...how do i stop feeling this way ...i dont want to feel this way anymore ...have you ever loved someone so much you feel like its the end of the world

  • @devastated26 Damn, i feel heart sorry for you. A while back i too lost what i thought was my happy family, it was my second go also. There is no easy fix. Try to keep busy and take your mind off of it, any disraction will do. Keep doing that til time heals it. That's what I'm doing myself, just avoiding looking into the bottomless well of pain inside me by any means i can. I'm not able to confront it, just using any little coping mechanism and strategy i can to get by. It's kinda working, can't say I'm bursting with happiness but neither am i a blubbering heap on the floor. Best wishes to you

  • My husband and the only man I’ve ever been with cheated on me and got her pregnant didn’t want the kid but she kept it to keep him so he won’t leave her now and me pregnant he wants to live with us both, but I can’t do that. He is the love of my life and always will be, but I won’t compromise my child’s happiness and family for his whore’s. I’d take my step son and our baby and leave them both.

    Everyone gets what is due to them one day. You just have to know that this man wasn’t for you and there are better things in store. This is just a stepping stone to make you strong on your journey. Get up everyday and live for those kids and love who you are. Don’t ever think there is something wrong with you the other person made the mistake in losing you.

    We are always here for you and empathize with what you are going through.

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