Riding with the best passenger

  • Freedom Writers

    The best decision I ever made,
    was just saying hello to you.
    I stopped driving along in life long enough,
    to pick up a new passenger to welcome along for my ride.
    It opened up a new world to me,
    and new wonders and splendor,
    and you always have the words of encouragement,
    and the perfect things to say,
    I mean I never knew that there could be someone like you in this world.
    How can you make someone like you up?
    An unimaginable wonder,
    that seems to exist just to compliment me.
    We've built different lives,
    made different paths,
    but they all seem to converge to one destination,
    and that's to each other.
    Our roads have come together,
    and built a highway,
    that only adds more lanes,
    as time goes by,
    we'll have built the largest,
    most well traveled road,
    that everyone will want to travel on,
    as it'll have the best scenery,
    smoothest ride,
    and the most amazing pit stops.
    Many roads have pot holes form,
    but we always have exactly what we need to,
    to fix these holes,
    as we fix each other,
    having the perfect passenger,
    as we'd never tire of the other,
    and somehow find even more to say,
    to each other with no signs of slowing down,
    as we increase our speed,
    and we don't know where we're going,
    but we know that our passenger will always be there.

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