My promises for you

  • Freedom Writers

    Our time together is like no other,
    I can't help but tell you everything,
    and I can't help but accept you exactly the way you are.
    To find someone you truly love and accept is rare,
    knowing there happiness is the only thing that matters,
    knowing you'll do anything to ensure it stays that way no matter the cost.
    Because of this I cannot help but make some vows,
    some words that I'll never take back,
    words that go beyond what they say,
    but are etched into our very essence.
    No matter what happens,
    no matter how painful,
    no matter how it makes me look,
    I will never lie to you.
    It would hurt me more,
    than whatever it was that I did,
    and your pain is never an option when it comes from me in that way.
    When you hurt I do too,
    so I would rather say nothing to you again,
    than to speak a single falsehood towards you.
    I will always look out for you,
    and have your best interest at heart.
    I'm always trying to find out what's going on in your life,
    and I will always look out for you.
    The best course ahead is what I'll try to find for you,
    and I'll turn over every rock,
    look under every tree,
    around every corner,
    until I find the solution you need,
    and I'll never stop until it's the best fit for you,
    and even though it might not be what you want to hear,
    it's what you need,
    and it'll always be there for you from me.
    I will never betray your trust or you.
    You can trust me with anything,
    as I trust you with everything.
    It doesn't matter the subject,
    it doesn't matter the cost of knowing,
    I want you to confide in me everything,
    and never stop.
    I'd rather end myself,
    than end any chance of staying this close to you.
    Even if I'm being vague,
    even that seems like to much for others to know,
    because anything you haven't deemed acceptable,
    is just something I won't discuss.
    You're at the top of my list for every piece of information,
    and our rapport is my most treasured possession,
    and anything to jeopardize that,
    will kill me on the inside,
    and make me a shell of a person.
    As long as I'm alive,
    you'll never be alone.
    No matter what happens,
    no matter who comes in and out of your life,
    I am the ultimate constant.
    The only way I'm not here anymore,
    is if you didn't want me around,
    and since I already know that's not an option,
    you're just going to have a companion for life,
    that would take an act of God to separate us.
    I mean from the bottom of my heart every single thing I've ever told you,
    and you deserve everyone to treat you that way,
    but I'm happy it's me that gets to.

  • @us-poet What inspires you to write so much poetry?

  • Freedom Writers

    @zigzag I have a muse, and I live life to the fullest.

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