Promises of forever

  • Freedom Writers

    You're making my heart erratic by how good you're making me feel.
    Having you in my life has made everything ideal.
    A goal I thought I'd have to strive,
    but without knowing you'd arrive,
    everything began to come with ease.
    You have vice grips on my heart and you know just how to squeeze.
    I've dropped the ball on my promises in the past,
    and have learned how to not jump into something so fast,
    but I know how far I can push myself and stretch,
    so when I promise you something it'll never make you wretch.
    They will only be things I know I can keep.
    They'll last forever and cut deep,
    because there's honesty in my words.
    It has spurred,
    me into actions I didn't know were capable.
    Creating something that will live past forever that you have enabled.
    I'll make sure you stay stable,
    dealing with anything you're unable,
    to face alone.
    I'll give you the love that you've always needed and should have always been shown.

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