• Water weaving, haphazard-whittling out new stones.

    The fluid gliding past dense trees, carrying life-blood- denizens cling to its banks.

    The water serves as a mirror. Trees growing from ground and sky. Paradiso, the canopy blankets my weary head.

    The scent of dew, intermixed with earthen tones. The scratching of limbs, waving in the breeze.

    Insects trill, singing alongside their winged predators. Unsuspecting themselves as prey.

    The dichophony of the forest is a bliss upon ringing ears. And scars unhealed by time, may mend themselves here.

    In a meadow, entrenching the embers of my make-shift grill. And tethering my home into the ground.

    With the bounty of the stream, unfurled before me- my take of a land made for my claim.

    As my eyes adjust, I slowly see- the native life persisting all around me. Rabbits furtively grazing about.

    Dirty paws, surreptitiously perched on haunches-fangs hidden as unbrandished knives.

    As life creaks on its gears, myself an infinitesimally minor cog. The cycle formed by a ruthless give-and-take.

    The crisp blue sky, littered with leaves and wisps of fog. As celestial beings reign from beyond high.

    With all my muster. Yet still effortless as can be. My eyes alight with joy. For my heart has found freedom.

    I came a slave, ensorcled by heartbreak, running from my past. To the heart of nature's cathedral.

    For where her eyes did haunt me. I found comfort in the trees. Her siren song, replaced by the rythm of the stream.

    Our significance belittled, at the sight of a grander scheme.

    With unsullied thoughts. I pray and give thanks. For the lord sheds blessings in ways of mysterious simplicity.