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    Two today bc I felt generous

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    Heart struck once more
    Alone with thinking
    Night over passing
    How dare I score
    The many tears I dream would never fall?

    Sadness not gladness welcomes again
    With open arms I am greeted
    To see you another time,
    Would repair my heart depleted
    Never matter where, why, but when
    Closer to you would mean the earth moon and stars

    Alas I haven't earned this much
    For I still have yet to tell
    What secret I have
    There's no way to tell it well
    Though I must do such
    For beyond my pain you must rise in due happiness, love, and trust

    This for now please hold to your heart
    As my fortunes are behind me
    I grow afraid you would be as well
    And my heart you'd flee
    As we live, forever apart
    With somber mood, I exclaim my deepest sorrows...


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    The Coat

    The winding streets within the night
    The bright morning day over no dark city,
    The folds and creases within the fabric,
    That shroud which was worn by far too many

    Let alone what shall remain
    Keep the figure from all that lives
    Keep your secrets and please refrain
    From taking that which always gives

    Mysterious clouds above the sky
    Ask the figure, why oh why
    Standing there, in a coat distorted
    Standing by to shriek and cry

    But I know of the stories told
    I have seen them all unfold
    With many tears the people shed
    Night to day they rest in bed

    Far from him they choose to be
    Keeping far from grasp they seek
    That poisonous coat which leeche souls
    Those eyes which are two pits of coal
    Those eyes which contain but two black holes
    The coat worn by many, my life it stole

  • Freedom Writers Music Lovers

    I'm glad it did, gay
    Glad indeed

  • tws gay club but no homo

    @Equinox The lines made me feel gay <3

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