Heart filled hole

  • Freedom Writers

    I've been neglecting the parts with in me,
    and my heart began to grow a chasm inside,
    I didn't know I was doing that to myself,
    and I had pain building up that I didn't know what to do with.
    I buried those feelings,
    and acted like everything was normal,
    I didn't know I was lying to myself,
    until it was almost too late.
    You came inside,
    with your patchwork of love,
    and stopped the bleeding,
    and filling me up.
    It became so full that I forgot about the past,
    I forgot what life was like before,
    and continued to push through.
    The breakdown came,
    but you were there,
    I was shown that it's going to be ok,
    I'm going to make it,
    there will be more pain,
    more holes,
    but I know you'll have the pulp,
    to fill those too.
    I'm never going to need to be in this life alone again,
    a companion forever who's taught me how to be me,
    and how to love again.
    I'm finally realizing who I really am,
    and I wouldn't have done that on my own,
    I couldn't,
    it took an outside force,
    that the universe bestowed upon me,
    and our fates are now intertwined,
    and I couldn't be happier,
    and all around amazed by your very presence.
    You've given me a new reason for life,
    and a new heart that is complete.
    I'll love you now and forever,
    and the only thing that can stop us,
    is the time we have on this planet,
    so I'm going to make sure our precious moments,
    are never wasted,
    and I've filled you,
    the same way you've filled me.

  • Chocolate Lovers ;) SPARTAN Global Moderator

    @us-poet I’m touched 😮

  • Freedom Writers

    @katie_15 why thank you. That's what I strive for.

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