Loss and importance

  • Freedom Writers

    I've had to make the hard decision,
    to take apart of me with the incision,
    to cut out something from me,
    but it's the best thing that could possibly,
    be what I've had to do.

    It was a loss involving me and you,
    it had some feelings that I had to confront,
    but it was replaced with something so important.
    I gained more of your affection and admiration,
    there are parts of my day you take all my concentration.

    I'm here to make sure you're more comfortable,
    and I'm going to work with you to disable,
    all your negatives,
    I just want you to live,
    with the ability to do whatever you want to.
    I don't promise that I won't hurt from time to time,
    but if you keep telling me everything I'll always be fine.

    Sometimes it's hard to explain,
    how I feel about you just because words constrain,
    but the good news is I'll have every day,
    to come up with a new way to say,
    how much I truly care about you.

    You can to if you really want to,
    but making you feel amazing,
    with my constant praising,
    in new ways,
    every day,
    is just a small way,
    I can start to show you.

    If I had to pick two beings to live forever,
    I'd pick you and me because this would should never,
    loose something as special as you and me.

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