• Freedom Writers

    You're a lustrous spectacle,
    hidden deep inside your shell is something incredible,
    and I'm so glad you have that protection,
    because you deserve so much affection,
    a natural hug when you are shut,
    but so much love will come when you open up,
    as who wouldn't be able to admire,
    someone so beautiful that everyone desires,
    and I know that shell is there for a reason,
    it's useful for you when you want to be keeping,
    a safe distance from those who would want to hurt,
    and your instincts put you on alert,
    from those who want to take you from your hard case,
    to be used and abused like that is a disgrace,
    so I never want to take you out of that armor,
    I want to protect you just as you are,
    because who you are is what I fell in love with,
    I always thought someone like you was a myth,
    so I could never want to change,
    someone who's very presence can enrich,
    and to even try would be a mistake,
    as I could never tempt fate,
    to mess up someone so great,
    so I promise I'll only polish that exterior carapace,
    and get you to open for me when you're ready,
    because I'm patient and caring and want to achieve what all will envy,
    and that's getting the love from the pearl that fills me plenty.

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