• “Put me down!” I yelled as I was hoisted into the air by a giant… a red-looking creature. His grip around my neck was getting tighter. I know why and what he wanted. “You can’t help that I killed your brother! He deserved it! He’s a mon-” He threw me against the wall. I stared at him. “My brother was a hero, not a monster. He did our ancestors’ justice for what your petty little humans did to us.” He said it with so much hate behind it. He turned into a human form to get a better look at me. “You’re not as big or strong as I suspected you to be human.” Oh, he should not have said that. Before he could say something stupid again I got up and punch him in his gut. Little did he know I had a knife in between my fingers. He stared at me, shocked that I had just done that. I stared at him while he fell to his knees. “You shouldn’t underestimate me. I took down your older brother easily. And he was stronger than you and much bigger.” I snarled at him. I placed my boot on his wound, pressed down hard on it. He yelped in pain. “Such a weak little demon.” He glared at me after I said that. “I’m not weak human, I am strong. I’m the next king in line. I can’t be weak.” I started to laugh. That got me another glare. I grabbed the knife and put it against his neck. “You would think they would learn by now that none of you kings are meant to rule. What your so-called people need is a queen.” He wanted to protest against that as most boys do, but I had a knife to his neck he can’t. I pulled the knife away. “I’ll let you live this time demon.” He stared at me, questioning why I, a human, would let him, a demon, live. “But-” “Question me and I won’t let you live, got it?” He didn’t answer. I walked away before anything else happened.

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