• How does it feel
    That loneliness inside you
    A heart with no caretaker
    That guilt burden you carry around
    Regrets for pushing me away
    Struggles of replacing my love
    Wishing the misery is just a dream
    How does it feel
    A life without me
    How does it feel
    Is it as expected or otherwise
    Do you realize what you're missing
    That joy i offered you
    The love you threw away
    Is he worth it now
    How does it feel
    Deceiving the Saint for the deceiver
    Now you feel that Hercules punch
    That much pain from a trusted one
    The wrong choices you made correctly
    But as much as you wronged me
    My heart still can't tolerate your misery
    Come back crying for me
    There no shame in starting over
    Theres a vacant seat in my heart for you

    Ps: nothing is wrong lmao

  • Freedom Writers

    @ragnar I too like experimenting. It's nice to think outside of your current situation and think what if. I've been doing it a lot lately.

  • @us-poet ive been duin that alot and it feelsngood. Sometimes when someone with that situation explains to me or tell me how he or she feel then i get the feeling too and know how and what to write lol

  • Freedom Writers

    @ragnar exactly. The secret to having a lot to write about, is talking to a lot of people. I have experienced what I've written, but sometimes I'll go outside of myself.

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