• Freedom Writers

    In every situation there are some truths that have echoed through out history,
    and sometimes the origins are a bit of a mystery,
    but that doesn't make some facts about the human condition,
    any less as we continue on our mission,
    of the betterment of the human soul,
    so here are a few ways to avoid before they have a chance to take there toll.

    One of the bust pleasures in this world comes from lust,
    it'll get into your head and you'll think it's a must,
    to push,
    and strive,
    to thrive,
    in this area because it's how our race survives,
    and temptations come from many angles,
    causing a strangle,
    on other responsibilities.
    It's hard to get out of this,
    once you've been kissed by bliss,
    and you'll miss,
    the touches,
    and covet the next joining,
    as you become interlocking,
    and find those for you to embrace,
    and chase,
    as your heart races,
    and you've been embodies by thoughts are base,
    and primal,
    as an inner sexual creature can be awakened,
    and you'll take without thinking,
    but if you go to far,
    you might hurt those without intending,
    so make sure you keep some urges in check,
    because never hurting the ones you love should always be an aspect,
    of one of your characteristics.
    Think before you act,
    and take a look back,
    before you move forward on something you can never reverse,
    as you should always plot your course,
    before you've done something that can never be undone.

    The next path to be weary of is that one of gluttony.
    It's easy to find happiness in the food and drink,
    that is not by mistake,
    as you need it to fuel yourself,
    but go to far and you might over stuff.
    Sometimes you've got some problems,
    and the only way to fill,
    is to spill,
    all these vices into these holes that have formed internally,
    so you may eat out of boredom,
    or use drugs to fix some of your mental problems,
    as anything to change this current mood,
    that you've found yourself into,
    as you need that next puff,
    to forget about how tough,
    life’s been since you found an escape,
    and you can't wait,
    to feel that great,
    as when you first discovered,
    this new world,
    of lifting you up higher,
    and forgetting about the fires,
    that your life might have,
    because you're just so glad,
    that at this moment,
    nothing else matters,
    but the thrill that you're under,
    and you forget that you still need to uncover,
    what's been wrong with you.
    Don't get lost in these devices,
    because these vices,
    lie to you,
    and get you to stop the introspection that you've been needing,
    as you're not seeing,
    how to fix what's bothering,
    and you'll need some outside help to get through,
    to find the solution in you,
    because trying to take the world by yourself,
    will lead you to eating,
    but not thinking,
    on how to advance,
    so take the chance,
    and reach out if you need,
    because you'll see,
    how to fix those holes inside,
    because if you don't I'm not sure if you'll be able to make it.

    An area that's more difficult to control is one of greed,
    as you see so many things you need,
    an your wants control,
    sending you down that road,
    where you just take,
    and make,
    your next step to only be there for you,
    and no one else matters,
    because they're just in the way,
    of your delay,
    to what you deserve,
    as everything in this world should be yours,
    and it should only serve,
    towards your goals.
    This type of thinking is dangerous,
    as it's in all of us,
    but should be in check,
    because you can't expect,
    to have it all,
    as it'll cause you to fall,
    and that path is a lonely one,
    and you'll need some friends,
    to help you when you're trying to ascend,
    into the real thrills you get,
    and that's the love and respect,
    that's earned through being good.
    It's better than any possible item that would,
    only be a temporary relief,
    from the masterpiece,
    that is inside you,
    because it's the loved ones that will make you complete.

    Something easily abused is the aspect of sloth,
    it can be brought,
    by just not wanting to deal with the day,
    so you lay,
    and stop worrying about what might or might not,
    so you just let it all go,
    and you won't be high or low,
    just know,
    that it's your day,
    your time,
    your place,
    and this space,
    that you've entered,
    is just so comfortable,
    and you just don't want to move,
    there will be time for another,
    so why even bother,
    with getting anything started,
    it'll all get sorted,
    out at a later date,
    so why tempt fate,
    just let this be my day.
    Well doing this once in a while is fine,
    as everyone needs some me time,
    but if you live here,
    you'll forget about the ones who are dear,
    and it'll soon just be you,
    left alone in the hole you've dug into,
    and it's hard to get out of that place,
    and escape,
    but you must,
    and you have to adjust,
    to let others in,
    it's the only way to push yourself,
    and not just be,
    another lazy,
    person that never gets anything done,
    and everyone just needs someone else to love,
    just let it happen,
    and you'll never have anything you'll regret,
    when you take that bet,
    of trusting your relationship,
    can flourish,
    if you've put in the work it deserves,
    just stop and listen,
    you will be heard.

    Something that works best when directed,
    an emotion that's easily affected,
    is when you have the chance for wrath,
    as it's easy to be on the attack.
    Going through your day,
    when one little thing,
    can easily start to pick at you.
    It'll start to annoy,
    as you employ,
    it to stop,
    but it continues to drop,
    next to you,
    you hear it,
    taste it,
    smell it,
    feel it,
    the build begins,
    and every new annoyance becomes everything,
    you feel the yelling ring in your ears,
    and you're close to tears,
    but you push it away,
    until feel the cliché,
    of the drums beating in your direction,
    and it's got all of your attention,
    somehow you then stub your toe,
    and you already know,
    that it's going to start the chain reaction,
    of yelling,
    and screaming,
    and saying things you aren't really meaning,
    but it's too late,
    the rage can't wait,
    as things continue to agitate,
    and small noises that squeal,
    begin to reel,
    in your head,
    pulling at the threads,
    that are keeping you together,
    and you know better,
    but not at this moment,
    you must attack,
    and nothing will distract,
    because you've met your focus,
    of the annihilation of this potent,
    threat in front.
    You just need to remember,
    that it's alright,
    to have things in sight,
    that you dislike,
    but don't let that rule your life,
    as it'll cause you to go to far and say things you don't mean,
    and it's hard to take those things back when you're that obscene,
    so when the hate begins to build,
    just take a deep breath,
    and come back after you've had a chance to forget,
    what brought the pain,
    and hate that's been ingrained,
    because the world needs more love,
    and so does everyone around you.

    An interesting attribute that's a must to control,
    and not let it take hold,
    for long is that of envy.
    You start to see,
    that others have what you've been wanting,
    that person,
    that object,
    that obsession,
    and it's building that you want it for yourself,
    and nobody else,
    and why do they get the chance to have what you want,
    that's meant for you and these feelings begin to haunt,
    and be an ever presence,
    that those things are meant for you all at once,
    and you need those things.
    Why should it only belong to the kings and queens,
    when you've earned it,
    you deserve it,
    they aren't worth it,
    they wouldn't even know how to respect it,
    you'd treat it right,
    you're the one with the foresight,
    to help it take flight,
    so it's yours in due time,
    you just need to find,
    away to make it yours.
    The only problem with that is how self-centered,
    and you've entered,
    a head space that's almost devoid of love,
    as you're confusing some emotions,
    and thoughts for just the notion,
    that you have the ideas correct,
    but you're forgetting about respect,
    and yes it's OK to use it as a tool,
    to know if it's a course you should follow through,
    but stay too long,
    and you'll forget where you belong,
    and that's in an area of love,
    and trust,
    because to live a good life those things are a must.

    One final sin,
    we will get in,
    is the one of Pride.
    There are thoughts inside,
    that well make you feel good about yourself,
    and think that nobody else,
    can compete with you in this creation,
    so you begin the fixation,
    on how amazing you are.
    You're the one who's setting the bar,
    and others just knowing you will go far,
    because they know the star,
    and you'll shine and make others better,
    because it's you that's great,
    and they need you,
    you don't need them.
    If it wasn't for you,
    nothing would get done,
    it's you that are the start,
    and end,
    and they wouldn't even attend,
    if it wasn't for what you've spent,
    your energy on,
    and look at all the greatness you've spawned.
    You are what gets it all done,
    and then some,
    they would fall apart without you,
    and they are just slowing you down.
    It's always a good thing to see at which you excel,
    and to tell,
    others how well,
    you are at those things,
    and to get feedback will bring,
    you to an addictive joy,
    but you must employ,
    yourself to take a step back,
    and don't get stuck in that act,
    because you'll push others away,
    and you might lose everything that way.

  • Freedom Writers

    @us-poet It was a long one though I managed to read it all, of course! Your poems make me now read more and more of them. Once again a lovely poem and a very interesting one.

  • @dangerouswoman thank you. It took all day to write, and it's basically 7 poems in one, but I think it's worth the journey.

  • Music Lovers

    As @DangerousWoman said, it is a long poem, but was worth reading it....

    After reading ur comment, I had to read it again...Good 1

  • @anup123 thank you. I appreciate people going on the ride.