• Why whenever I get drunk the next few days the feeling of depression is so deep? I usually get drunk once a year but I always get a feeling of enormous regret.
    In these last 2 days I can not manage not to have negative thoughts, as if I had done something wrong but I know not .

  • @Chris2791 A great many people think of alcohol as a stimulant - the "oh cheer up and have drink/you're no fun if you aren't drinking" mentality. But that comes from the relaxing of inhibitions rather than any joy directly derived from alcohol, which is a depressant.

  • I have had a lot of alcohol throughout my life and have never gotten anything good, just regrets and hangovers .
    and I think a setback on a spiritual level

  • Alcohol is a known depressant.

    That aside, my from my own personal experiences, alcohol helps me to be real with myself. Often when I feel that way, it's likely that I needed to resolve something within me.

    Cheers and have fun bro!

  • There are 2 possible reasons. One, you are afraid that you have said or done something bad that you don't remember, This causes anxiety and depression (maybe you check the chats, the apps to verify). Second, more scientific reason, The side effect of all this obviously is felt only from the next day. Meanwhile, during a hangover, blood sugar levels drop a lot from the effort to expel alcohol from the body, and it's not the height of happiness. Stimulating dopamine the day before inhibits the production of other neurotransmitters such as serotonin, which stabilizes the mood. When the dopamine we have stimulated precipitates during the night, and we wake up, of all these magical hormones that make us happy there is no it's a trace. And panic arrives. Drink responsibly, sleep a few more hours and drink lots of water the effect helps ;)

  • @stansimley @Shardana
    I've been going through a lot lately on an emotional level and I guess being in that state didn't help
    thank you very much, wise words <3