• Freedom Writers

    I want to write but I don't know what,
    so I go to Google to look up,
    what ideas that I'd consider a must,
    and it continues to be a bust,
    so I just do what feels more comfortable,
    and that's try to go with what I'm more knowledgeable,
    but for some reason that's also not doing the trick,
    and it's like my brain is sluggish with thoughts that are thick,
    so I just write what ever comes to mind,
    wondering if I'll ever find,
    the inspiration I've been searching for,
    but as I try to implore,
    myself for some sort of sign,
    some sort of trigger to get me by,
    I'm just left staring at a blank page,
    finding it hard to gauge,
    if the problem is in myself,
    or if it's because I've been unwell,
    or I'm just running out of ideas it's too hard to tell,
    so I try to sell,
    myself on a new idea,
    something I haven't considered as a part of my arena,
    but that exploration may be for another tomorrow,
    as it's hard to try and borrow,
    thoughts that are too abstract,
    and have I reached the bottom where all of my concepts are tapped?
    Who knows but I'll keep pushing just in case,
    because stopping now would be a mistake,
    so I'll go at this again,
    maybe sometime on the weekend,
    because nothing's coming at this moment,
    as sometimes I'm just my own worst opponent,
    so I'll continue searching for that next moment of brilliance,
    since sometimes I just need some distance,
    to be able to continue without interference,
    of my own worst enemy,
    which can seem like a parody,
    but it's just another case of myself overthinking,
    so I'll continue later but for now I'll be leaving.

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    @moisturbation just curious, why are you hellbent on downvotes?

    She wants to take @SUmof1 's place & achieve his status of the most down-voted person ever.

    She desires to be immortalized forever in the annals of TWS history.
    Millions & Billions of years from now on ,she wants to be remembered for this legendary achievement.

    Please dont get in the way of her dreams
    ..help a sister out & downvote her.Two times to be precise.


    But Boy ....does she have a lot of downvoting to get, to get to his level....


    Quick question tho @Moisturbation , you are not shown who has down voted you ,so how do you upvote the correct person ?

  • Freedom Writers

    @evan-elderson She just wants to be a special individual, and it's kind of cute, so I'll indulge in her strange fantasy.

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  • Freedom Writers

    @evan-elderson I usually just have inspiration thrust upon me, and in this case it was about writer's block. I'm sure it won't last, but I'll check it out next time.

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  • Veteran Mods One Woman Army

    @us-poet In between all the negatives comes a nice comment :
    Very well written bruh

  • Freedom Writers

    @moisturbation Hhahah and I'll continue giving you love.
    unicorn love

  • Freedom Writers

    @sup hahah in a post about nothing, negatives and positives may arise.


  • Gamers

    yup writers block IS the worst

  • Sorry, just because you up voted me earlier, i’m down voting you. 🐷

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