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  • I'm going to start writing a short story soon. It's for this writing competition at my school. It's gotta' be around 1,500 words long.

    So, here's the cheese: I've only brainstormed some ideas so far. I've only decided that it'll be non-fiction, and I'm aiming for something deep and personal. I'm thinking about blending themes of family, pain, dark pasts, etc. I kinda' want to make some sort of emotional thriller that has some moral lessons within...

    Maybe something along the lines of "a son who's father is just a complete piece of human trash (but the son just doesn't see his father's point of view)." I was also thinking like, maybe the son gets separated from his father after some sort of tragedy, then unknowingly befriends his father years later. That's how it can be a sort of thriller, where I would drop metaphorical hints and shit that point towards the ending reveal of who's who. I also wanted it to be about having to deal with the sins of your past and rising above what you were meant to be.

    For instance, maybe the father is strictly religious.. or he just has psychological problems that he believes his son may inherit (that's maybe the little bit of fiction the story could have, i.e. a fake religion?)

    Anyways, I'm looking for more specifics. I obviously need more elaborate ideas since I only have the general concept. I need to figure out the actual plot/setting, probably add more characters, etc.

    Any contribution would be appreciated, but I'm preferably looking for material from people with at least some writing experience. I'm sure there are some proficient writers around here somewhere. I need cohesive material that isn't too sophisticated to work with. Some fictional elements are fine.

    The more people give their ideas, the more creativity is spread among us ALL. This'll be really special.

    I'm certain you will all have good ideas to inspire me.

    Thank you.

  • @korglife17 for that line " a son who's father is just a complete piece of human trash (but the son just doesn't see his father's point of view)
    the son is really hate his father right?,
    because he doesnt know how struggling his father to give the family life. (you can add drama on it )
    then the father died, and maybe in the father's funeral, the father's co-worker or his friends tell the truth about everything, how love him to his son, how struggle his life and etc. then the son feel bad about it, he regretted how he treat his father before and evething is too late now.
    maybe this kind of story so many times we heard before but i think thats one of the good story if u want some kinda emotional thriller

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