• Hi do you want me then you need to call me. Repeat these words and I’ll come. Claire I say thy name once, twice I call to thee Wordsmith, THRICE I SUMMON YOU WICKED!!!!!
    Something Wicked this way comes
    You called her thrice
    She comes this way
    With a darkening of the sky
    A chilling of the air
    Something Wicked this way comes
    She’s bad she’s evil
    She’s downright naughty
    You better be prepared
    Something Wicked this way comes
    Something Wicked is here
    Her looks will set your mind aflame
    Even as your blood runs cold
    And your heart turns to stone
    Something Wicked has you now
    Her Magick is on you fully now
    There’s no escape for you
    The words you read
    Weave her spell
    Thrice called
    Thrice Summoned
    You belong to something Wicked now

  • @Wicked_
    I have often wondered if my life would be better,
    If we'd never crossed paths, if I never had met her,
    But in truth, I do crave it, every part of that beast,
    I would lay myself bare, so at my soul, she could feast

    She's an angel, a demon, a divine being I'm sure.
    A creature so perfect, I'm a fish to her lure.
    She can make me or break me,
    Haunt my dreams in my sleep.
    And I'll never escape her,
    Because my heart is hers to keep.


  • @Cosmic_Lady I’d rather feast on your lips
    Your heart is mine
    But you have mine in it’s stead
    I couldn’t feast on your soul
    For I’d feast on my own
    Yours is mine as all can tell
    I’ll never let you go
    For if I did
    I’d lose myself
    In the process

  • @Wicked_ you would never lose yourself , never