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    Pandora's Box
    There are days I feel
    my womanhood is a burden.

    Days when I must be
    conscious of what I wear
    because I do not wish
    to get unwanted attention.

    Days my breasts and my legs
    don’t feel like they belong to me.

    Days I cannot look men in the eye
    because I do not want them to get
    the wrong idea about me.

    It’s because we are taught
    from an early age
    that we hold within our bodies
    Pandora’s box.

    Something so dangerous
    it does not just affect us,
    it affects everyone we love,
    and everything we care for.

    And we must guard it with strength,
    with determination,
    hiding ourselves from becoming
    an object of lust and sexual appetite.

    Still, I cannot help but wonder
    as often as I did as a child.
    Why do we shame Pandora for opening the box,
    when she simply did it out of curiosity?

    Shouldn’t we rather blame the person
    who created a box
    of such terrible power
    as we should blame society
    for making rules for our bodies
    that we never agreed to,
    nor wanted to be our philosophy?

    ~ Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire, and Beauty | Nikita Gill

    I just discovered Nikita Gill today.. 💛

  • I love it. And it’s definitely something to think about.

  • Sorry,I just wonder ,why there was a line"something so dangerous"?it didn't seem to fit with this whole idea.I hope somebody will just ,explain why?🙂

  • @Max256 it goes back to Greek mythology to a girl named Pandora. She was given a box and told never to open it lest she unleash all the worlds evils. Even though she quickly closed the box only hope remained.

    Thus in describing the female body and not being careful we can invite many evils upon us and others for our poor choices.

    I hope that help explains it to you.

  • @Wicked_ Oh,Thank you.🙂