Sharing a piece of me

  • This is something I won't usually do but since I am bored and I have some things running around my mind today, I will share something personal. An entry from my scrapbook/journal from about 4-5 years ago.

    Memories, like leaves carried away by the wind.
    Fleeting... Momentary...
    They wander many miles, over land and seas.
    Between our great insurpassable distance.
    Knowing that you still remember and care for me, even without words or touch.
    Even without you by my side.
    I can still feel you and the warmth of your love for me.
    Inside my heart.
    With my tears and with a single leaf from the wind.

  • @zazzles You really have the most interesting views...

    You hold things dear ,that are worth something other than price..
    Not expensive things but rather those that mean something to yourself personally...a deeper connection to your heart.

    I remember you saying you loved that Samsung Phone you got on your 18'th birthday & later at 22'th a bottle opener by your Bestie signifying the entry into Drinking .

    & now a leaf too ...

    You're A Soul who loves the whole world .. not romantically but as a part of the whole who cant help but love all she is part of . ☺ ☺

    & this is how you express your feelings ,most of the time it probably feels corny to you saying it aloud,but sometimes the emotions are so great you just need to express them.

  • Very Nice @Zazzles !! ☺ ☺

    you know ...Your poem reminded me of this image.

    A lover's Linger 😃

    alt text

  • @zazzles Bravo!!

  • -deleted-

  • Music Lovers

    @zazzles Ahh I always knew I was missing this side of you. It is Awesome. Short and sweet. The emotions expressed are surreal. And the most important part is, it is simple and yet, very very beautiful.
    I will be waiting for more such pieces of yours. Very well. Loved it.


  • @stranger_danger Thanks! 🤗
    Its just something random I scratched on a paper during a time where I had a lot of feels haha
    On an interesting side note, there is a story why I used leaves. And that lead is still tucked inside my scrapbook beside that "poem".

  • @evan-elderson ahh yes, I find writing my thoughts very cathartic. Its also one of the safer ways of releasing some pent up emotions. That's why I'd randomly write something anywhere haha. I've always been uncomfortable about talking to people about what I really feel. (Possibly related to some past emotional trauma. Possibly yes, possibly no. Haha)

    Thank you for appreciating this and you're welcome 😃

  • @evan-elderson Its the reason why I kept a lot of artistic hobbies when I was growing up. I've never really been a person for violence. Often times in the past, I'd refer myself as a pacifist. I hated fighting. But the world has changed that.

  • @ragnar ahh thanks mah bruh

  • -deleted-

  • @azriel I had a lot of feels that day and today azz haha. Missing someone and knowing there's nothing you can do about it sucks ass

  • -deleted-

  • @rendezvous ahh yes. My extremely suppresed "artistic side" haha. But I am afraid me posting what I wrote will be extremely rare. Rarer than a super blue blood moon lol (that night was so tragically beautiful btw).

    But anyways thank you randi 🤗

  • Music Lovers

    @zazzles said in Sharing a piece of me:

    But I am afraid me posting what I wrote will be extremely rare.

    Oh yes, just one more thing. I think I never told you this, and just to clarify things up.
    I hate you.

  • @zazzles Lol ,that seems reverse of me.

    i was a person who liked fighting ....not emotional attacks..but just plain physical fights.

    Sometimes I wanted to fight so badly ...just crush the Target.

    It wasnt because i hated that person ..i just wanted the Freedom that came with Fighting.

    No thoughts ,no restrictions ...just being in the moment.

    Adrenaline rushing in , flight or fight instincts activating
    ..all thoughts being pushed away leaving only the primal desire to achieve Victory
    ...every second feels like a minute , the sheer concentration , all the troubles of life melting away
    ...It was quite addicting.

    But all that has changed ...From Brawn's I now like Brain's.

    LOL ...i find beauty in the world now ,I adore it
    ...i want to help everyone i can. I do try my hardest to make people happy & smiling ..sometimes doesnt work out tho...

    ..i had no interest in writing stories ,poems or art .
    Lol I have decided to do all that as an amateur in the future in those fields..i find great meaning & comfort in them .

    I have my own ideas for art pieces ,Novel series , & a couple of poems ....who knows you might see them published someday ☺ ☺ (Storie's are my passion tho ..i love creating worlds & making people live & feel , what i feel.) can say its like Beauty & the beast.
    The world is beauty & I'm the beast who can damage it ,but chooses not to because he finds it worth something ..its worth the effort to make it great.

  • @rendezvous and I appreciate that 🤣

  • Freedom Writers

  • This is

  • @stranger_danger said in Sharing a piece of me:

    You always say the best things strangey 😊

    I am a hoarder of things I find myself emotionally attatched too. Not because of the item itself, but because of the significance it holds. I love keeping the tiny things that reminds me of my happy and good memories with the people I love. And one of my favorite things to do is to go over my little book and remember those moments with the snippets of mementos I kept from them.
    All of those memories are bittersweet

    & lol ,most of the time it probably feels corny to you saying it aloud

    ^so true lol

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