• Freedom Writers

    I'm starting to feel stuck in my current situation,
    and it's something of my own making,
    I'm not quite sure how I let it get this far,
    but I've been emotionally charred,
    and the scars,
    tear at me from the inside,
    where they bide,
    and in time I'll find,
    myself out of the comforts,
    that I used to use to prevent the distortions,
    that my life has been presenting to me.
    I've been using vices as a distraction,
    but those actions,
    are only causing more pain,
    and in my shame,
    I can't ask for the help that I need,
    because this whole thing is just too painful,
    and my life's been held together by the glue,
    of the lies that I've told,
    the ones that I've sold,
    off as no big deal,
    but it's catching up fast,
    and I don't know how long I'll last,
    so I'll take another drink,
    as I sink,
    to meet some goal,
    that I've forgotten about a long time ago.
    If I keep this up I know I can make it another day,
    and maybe another week,
    but this ships been going without its rutters,
    for a while now as I attempt to get rid of the clutter,
    that's starting to drown me,
    so I'll drown myself,
    before life has a chance,
    and as I take a glance,
    at everything before my last dance,
    I'll ask if I'm even worth all this trouble,
    but the bubble,
    I'm in,
    won't let anything positive set,
    so I'm met,
    at the path that I never expected,
    and that's to just let myself fade away,
    or reach out to try and make it,
    time will tell,
    if I will be well,
    but that's a story for another day.

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