Fixing your mistakes

  • Freedom Writers

    You've made a mistake,
    and want to take it back,
    but that's not possible,
    it's out there now,
    and you don't know what to do,
    you can try to ignore the issue,
    but that can build and grow.
    You try to deflect,
    but that can cause more problems than there was before.
    You've thought about lying,
    but if you're ever caught,
    the devastation that follows will be too great to ever take back.
    The only course ahead feels the worst when you must confront it,
    you have to tell the truth.
    Speak about what happened,
    and don't look back.
    Take the consequences of your actions,
    because they really aren't as bad as you think they'll be.
    If you're truly loved,
    you'll be forgiven,
    and if they can't get past your mistake,
    then it was never meant to be,
    but you have support,
    you have those who will lift you,
    and don't listen to those self reflections that lie,
    listen to the outside forces that only want what's best for you.
    You can always count on me to steer you right,
    and correct your currents when they get too choppy,
    just come by and ask any time,
    I'll change course for you when the time is right.

  • this is beautiful poet!

  • Freedom Writers

    @zazzles thank you. I really appreciate it.

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