• Freedom Writers

    It might seem like the world doesn't care about you,
    that you don't matter,
    that you won't make it,
    that what's the point,
    I shouldn't leave,
    it won't matter if I'm there or not,
    but this isn't true,
    those are just lies inside of you.
    The pain is never the same,
    but it's a constant,
    and it's never wanted,
    but my heart is with you always,
    to hush those voices,
    and get you to make better choices,
    As we continue,
    things will get easier I just now it,
    I'll do everything just to show you,
    the love inside,
    and get you from trying to hide,
    away from the world,
    and the eternal flame that we have lit,
    will allow us to make as much time as we see fit.
    I love you with all my heart,
    and I love you just the way you are,
    but there's just one thing I don't want,
    and that's this hole inside of you.
    I'm going to dig into it,
    because that's where we'll find,
    what's the trouble that lies,
    within you and then we'll be able to cover it up,
    as we plant our flag on top,
    as we'll know those little voices will have finally been laid to rest.

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