• What does a person do to survive in this world? I used to believe the answer to this was friendship, because friendship can open doors to anything in life it gives you access to limitless resources that sometimes even money cannot buy (or at least this was the bullshit I was fed). I am starting to believe that maybe real friendship doesn't exist and its all just based on using each other to benefit oneself.

    As a college student I meet people at events or whenever we're required to form groups for assignments and we become friends for a couple of months but then after this course is over, the friendship just fades. I'm not blaming the other person for the friendship fading, I just ride it off thinking I'm not a likeable guy. Yeah, I have friends on facebook but I honestly cannot point to a single person on there and say 'this person is a real friend'.

    Unlike some others who are or have been in a similar situation to myself, I've kinda adapted to this sort of lifestyle by keeping myself busy and lost in video games, movies and youtube videos.Every now and again I see people with friends & boyfriends/girlfriends who're so openly laughing or misbehaving in public and I feel like there's this level of happiness maybe exists that I might never be able to attain. From reading what I've wrote, some of you may think of me as a loser and that is fine, I respect your opinion.

    I wrote this thread with the purpose of understanding other people's perception how does one thrive in such a competitive world. I don't want anyone thinking I created this post to look for sympathy.

    Thanks in advance to whoever it is that takes the time to reply to this thread.

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