• I had met her through a foreign socials I joined months ago. We talked and then started dating after a while. She was nice and sweet at first and it seemed like she couldn’t do anything wrong. We reached years in our relationship and I have already proposed to her for marriage. When she moved to my country for marriage preparations, I started to see the different side of her. She isn’t the woman I thought she was. She is too immature and irresponsible that even the fact that she is way younger than me isn’t acceptable anymore. I mean, yes, she is young but she is in the right of maturity and to take responsibility. It seems like I am adopting a new kid at home. Should I still continue this?

  • Hello! Guys, I am in doubt right now about this situation please give me an advice to make mind clear..Thanks!

  • @lookingsomeone Marriage isn't a joke, therefore, you should be 100% sure about the person you're going to spend the rest of your life. If you feel that she's not the one for you, better call off your engagement, so you won't regret in the end.

  • @lookingsomeone Why not try to talk to her first before you come up with a decision?

  • if you having a doubt in marrying her. just tell her.talk to her.. about your concern for her. married life is not easy.

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    @lookingsomeone Marriage = your life is over, before you know it you got kids and next up you are dangling in your basement with a rope around your neck. MGTOW! :sunglasses:

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