Looking for foreign brides seeking marriage with American men.

  • I am a socially awkward type of guy and although I got married twice, I got divorced because my ex-wife hated my personality. She never liked that I stay quiet during meals with friends and especially with her family. She usually nags me on how I just let her do all the talking. Now, I want to remarry a woman who, amidst my shyness, still wants to be with me. I was told by a friend that I could try to look for foreign brides online. Can anyone recommend me a site that can help me look for foreign brides that are seeking marriage with American men?

  • @mr-rightguy Just wanna make sure. You got divorced twice for the reason? Coz if that's the case dude, I think you should learn first to be socially-involved even if you'll just do it step by step. And regarding about that foreign brides online sites, I don't know much about that. But I guess I heard something about AFA romance tours. I'm not sure if that's right tho or where did I hear that. Just try searching for it maybe...

  • @mr-rightguy We all have different personalities but the moment you marry a person, one should accept his flaws and weakness because that's part of the package. You've been in a failed marriage twice, I'm sure you already know the ups and downs, as well as your shortcomings in the marriage. But don't worry dude, you'll find someone who will accept for who you are. Maybe there's things that are just not meant to be. But enough of that, I find foreign brides interesting, who knows your luck knock 3x and that she's waiting miles away from you. Good luck to your next journey dude!

  • @Mr-RightGuy you should try to search and find it there. first things first before you did that you should fix your self or shall i say you should change that bad attitude of you.

  • Well, I hope you found your second wife.