• I have been divorced for quite sometime now and life has gotten lonely. I tried dating but women from USA are not interested to take an old man like me so I opt to foreign brides. I signed up to an online dating site in hopes of finding someone interested of having me as her husband. However, as I was browsing through the site, I thought of the struggles of having a foreign bride -- language barrier, distance and application for green card. Having to think of it, it already makes me tired. I’m wondering if it will all be worth it. What do you think?

  • I am not going to lie to you. Yes this process is time intense and you really need to love and trust her. Further foreign brides have other cultures, which might get you shocked at first, so clear that out before meeting, talk about anything that bothers you before you meet her in person. So in order to make sure that she is interested in a relationship and not a Green card or your money i have some advice for you. When you meet a foreign woman online, don't get manipulated by her looks or her cuteness, take the matter in your hand and ask her what she expects when coming to the US and what she expects from you as a husband to provide for her. Don't tell her any lies about you (being rich etc.), because in that case when they come to the US they will expect much more then you can offer and thus will feel betrayed and thats a good start to another divorce. Be straight up honest, same goes to the woman you meet, she might ask you these questions as well. I also saw people, going to visit the foreign woman in her country before they bring her to the US, to make sure that everything is good between them and to meet her family and culture, same applies to the woman, you can offer her a visit of (2?) weeks to the US too after you visited her, so she can adapt to your culture and habits. Remember, when you bring her here, the only person she knows will be you and she will be depending on you, so you have to take care of her a lot in the beginning. If the language is a problem for you, then look for woman who can speak englisch and prefer them over the ones who can not.

    Long story short: My advise: if she is worth it and you really want it than do it, else you should try and find a woman from your country