Give me dating advice pls

  • When you put your best effort to fix your relationship (i mean like apologizing) but your bf/gf emotionally push u away by saying rude and bad words just bcoz u did a lil mistake and it hurt you so bad, and u feel u dont deserve it. Would u leave or stay after they are sorry?? I need your help. Tysm

  • Male aggressivity manifested against his partner is likely caused by him wanting to break up while feeling trapped. Most males have problems expressing strong emotions. In some, this translates into aggressive behavior.
    Probably your best option is to subtly give him more and more space. In the meantime, detach yourself slowly. Normally, he will realize that he wants you near, he might even feel anxiety and even mild depression. He will suddenly become affectionate. That's the moment you will be as cold as ice.
    Unfortunately, It happened to me and I've seen it happen to other men.
    My answer is based on my personal experience and that of others around me. It might not apply to your case.

  • @martin_eden thanks for your advice. Maybe all we need is break time that honestly very hard to me,but i will do my best to fix it. If all doesn't work, i will surrender and walk away.

  • @chicken-nugget maybe u did unforgivable mistake

  • @martin_eden yes i agree with you. Man become agressive when they feel trapped.


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