• i feel like i dont have interest to study. im doing my thesis papers whatever rn and its not done its been a long time and still haven't done yet. should i give up? but if i dont have a diploma i cant work in a good company and be rich lol but im so lazy to study
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    @its-bobby Okay I know what you are going through. But let me tell you, never give up college, no matter what. Just give your best and get a degree. Sometimes we all have to do some things which we dont really like, but we have to do it because its essential. Not saying, that you cant be successful and rich if you drop out, but I am just saying that having a degree in your hand enhances your chances of being successful. It'd be better to just push yourself through it and let the boring, unenjoying phase of your life (studying ) pass.
    And then they always say, " You struggle in your college years, you live a comfortable life when you grow up. You enjoy and live casual in college yrs, you struggle all your life"

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    @its-bobby well youve made it this far...why give up now? I know what its like to be unmotivated/stressed/“lazy”. Thats just the life of a uni student.
    I was a senior (graduated Friday) and right before that I had to write a 8 page essay all about a frigging cows brain. 8. Fucking. Pages. And needless to say, I procrastinated. Not just because it seemed like a daunting task, but also because i just felt like it was a waste of time and I would rather have been doing something else.
    However, I finally pushed myself to do it. Because despite all my setbacks, my motivation to keep going was that it was the only thing standing between me and the next part of my life. I made it this far, ive passed all those damned exams, wrote dozens of research papers, and argued with professors just to get here.
    Let that be yo motivation Saint Bobby. Why let the past be a waste of time? You get there someday, dont let one task stop you, no matter how hard. ^•^.
    And here, have a gif of puppies
    baby dogs

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    @its-bobby said in should I give up college?:

    and be rich

    The biggest motivation :D
    Just finish college and get rid of it for once.
    Best of luck!

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    @its-bobby if you want to pursue other things you can do them along with your studies too. you don't need to give up before completing it.

    don't stop

    when you're tired


    when you're done !

  • I think this sums it up ...

    Nothing is necessary.

    You can build a car by yourself by making tools, mining ore, smelting the metals, shaping the parts, inventing the wheel, doing engineering calculations , drilling for oil, refining the gasoline, etc. etc. etc.

    Some "unnecessary" things save you enormous time and/or effort.
    Using tools that others have created, learning concepts that others have struggled to formulate, and generally bootstrapping upon the accumulated millenia of human thought is efficient and cheap.

    At college there will be active guidance by relative experts to help prevent you from having to reinvent the wheel.

    The other benefeit is that a college certifies to others that you actually do know something,
    rather than you simply claiming to know something.

    College is not a necessity. You can learn everything by yourself without college.

    But if you do it right and actually interact with the people and experts who are there, college can, in the ideal situation, save yourself more time than you actually might have in an average lifespan.

    People → Unique viewpoints & talents.
    Competition → Satisfaction
    Independence → Self-trust
    Networks → Leverage

    The left side is what college offers.

    The right side is what you can get out of it when you care about it.

    It's not necessary but done right ,it can be very worthwhile.

    I believe you should continue ,but only you can be the final judge.

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    @its-bobby I know what you mean but if you are studying something you are not enjoying at all and is not a career you want to go to then you should reconsider about your choices.

  • @im-a-bae im not really don't like what im study its fun tho but i just dont interested to do and make it done with my thesis papers. like idk what should i do, i have no idea..

  • @willoww yeah i have to get everything done with what i start 😊
    thats a very very cute puppies 😍

  • Eyy im super lazy, i dont attend classes sometimes, and i dont feel like studying either but that doesnt mean you should give up 🤦‍♂️ get yo shit together and make it work, you got this buddy!!

  • @rendezvous said in should I give up college?:

    " You struggle in your college years, you live a comfortable life when you grow up. You enjoy and live casual in college yrs, you struggle all your life"

    yeah thats right you right.. love the quote 😊


  • @damncuteguy said in should I give up college?:

    don't stop

    when you're tired


    when you're done !

    yeah i know i cant give up with my college just because im tired with that.. another good quote 😀 love the quote

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    @its-bobby School sucks. It just does. Depending on what you do next, you don't even need it, but some professions do. Figure out what you want to do with your life, and pursue that to the very end. I finished my degree, although I didn't need it, but I got the paper, and just considered it a personal achievement.

  • @its-bobby here's a song for you

  • @its-bobby same problem happen wid me too,I can't concentrate in my studies, how can I overcome this?

  • @sumof1 well not in my country i guess. we still have to have a good education to make a good good cash

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    @its-bobby said in should I give up college?:

    @sumof1 well not in my country i guess. we still have to have a good education to make a good good cash

    Why do you even consider replying to him?
    He doesn't deserve your reply.

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    @its-bobby Thanks XD

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