• Hey people!

    I have a lot of exams in a week and even if I love what I do, I am sooo stressed. I just finished some drawings (I study Illustration), but I still have a lot of work to do!

    Will any of you have to deal with exams soon? What do you study?

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  • @auryylmao

    It's funny how you miss school life when you are working and you can't wait for worklife when you are studying, humans are really peculiar since we want what we don't have yet achieved and can never be fully satisfied.

    On the topic tho, gl with your exams! I wish you kick SOME ASS! Go get em GURL! :)

  • Oh my. Exams can really be a stressful time but just put your head down and be efficient with your time. Also get plenty of exam practice.

    I'm studying a masters in pharmacy (MPharm) which is a 4yr degree at uni and i'm on my 3rd year currently. 3rd year is sooooo stressful. Absolutely no consideration for students by putting all the exams 2 weeks after the lecture series have fully concluded. There were 5 exams one after the other in one week with alternating AM and PM exams so no 'break' in between to review content for the next exam!

    plus they would only ask us... say 40% of the module content and ask us to elaborate via essay questions on topics which were literally covered by a single slide. It was very very horrible, because at the end we were just forced to memorize slides from lessons which, let's not to mention, were all over the place........ :triumph: :triumph: :triumph: sorry for the rant put I had to get it off my chest.

    But anyway good luck with your exams and I wish you a very strong and stable career. :sweat_smile:

  • @auryylmao Deal with exam? Just be stressed out and deal with it or hang yourselves.

    Never be stressed out. Chill and everything will be better. Even if you feel like you don’t know anything or you are not prepared, dont think like that. Just keep on telling yourself that you know everything and it will be better.

  • @auryylmao
    You're lying
    You're lying!
    People who have many exams don't touch mobiles!

  • @auryylmao hello board