Anime relationship vs Real life relationship

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    We weebs are always longing for waifus and stuff and set up our expectations in real life relationship very high , what do you think about that ? Any opinion is appreciated but I would love to hear female side .

  • Expectetions are forecasts created on the basis of our past experiences, used to guide us in the future. Expectations, however, are unidirectional (they arise in ourselves towards others). The problem is that in reality, every situation or relationship has at least 2 poles. Therefore, having expectations towards the other often also means being judgmental towards him/her, if the other does not meet our expectations. Which, of course, almost always happens, because human beings can't be satisfied. For this reason, expectations are also limiting, you risk not knowing the partner for what he/she really is. We risk losing someone really interesting just because we make sure that this rings the bell, when instead he/she has chosen to knock on the door ..

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    @Shardana Quite enlightening , frankly i agree with you coz expectation in my views should be a fine line on which we should walk like high or no expectations ruins the relationship. Moreover i like the idea of 2 poles and i think your soulmate are those who poles resonate with you . Anyways thanks for your opinion

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