How to tell if a guy likes you - 5 obvious signs a guy likes you

  • Have you been finding yourself daydreaming about a certain someone lately? Concocting imaginations that are probably never going to happen? Wondering “Does he like me or not?”

    If you are nodding your head to all the above questions, then congratulations! You’re officially and very obviously crushing on this person more than you’d like to admit. In all honesty, we’ve all been there, done that. Which is why we know how frustrating it can be; the not knowing does he like you back?

    After all, you can’t read his mind so how to tell if a guy likes you? Let’s make things easier for you and remove all those question marks.

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    How to tell if a guy likes you - the basics

    Men are simple creatures. Most of them at least. If they admire you, they make sure their message is delivered. It’s women who complicate matters. You’d keep a pink slice of cake in front of a girl, and she’d argue “no, that’s a magenta pastry.”

    So, clearly even if all the signs he likes you are out there, you’d be unable to catch them. Let’s cut to the chase and dive deeper into the signs a guy likes you.

    1. His demeanor is different around you

    Here are three main factors about how to tell if a guy likes you, body language, facial expressions, and overall behavior. One of the ways to figure out whether a guy fancies you is to notice how he behaves around you.

    If he is all smiles every time you enter the room, it means he has feelings for you. Unless, of course, he is the sort of person who has a consistent happy face plastered on all the time anyway. Also, keep an eye on his toes and where they are directed. If he points them toward you, there is a thick chance he likes you.

    Other body language signs include pupil dilation, wide, goofy grin, and him being unable to tear his eyes off you. If he happens to slightly graze your palm, hand or back without being creepy; this is also one of the does he like me signs. Behavior wise, a guy who likes you will try and act cool and friendly around you. His goal would be to impress you off your feet!

    2. He wants to connect with you

    When a man loves you, he makes it clear. He initiates conversations and holds on to them. He gives as much time as possible to you. He prolongs chats and wants to know more about you. He’s also going to remember all the details about the conversations that you two have. He might even tease you, after all, most guys think that’s how to flirt with a girl.

    He checks you out online, but unlike a girl, he sends a friend request as well. After which he cannot stop online interaction. He likes the pictures and statuses you post. He may also politely ask for your number. At this point, if you are wondering does he have a crush on me? You most probably already have your answer.

    However, if he does not receive any return signals from your end, he may also start ignoring you. But such sudden ignoring is also one of the signs when a guy into you. He just wants to see whether you are affected by his uncaring behavior.

    3. He is nervous around you

    We’re more likely to be edgy and awkward around the people we fancy. This stands true for both the genders. You must have noticed your tongue running out of words or outright word-vomiting in the presence of that special someone.

    Men tend to do the same. If you find that particular guy taking in a deep breath when he looks at you, it is one of the signs when a guy is into you. He takes a puff of breath to calm his nerves. It’s more than about him needing oxygen; it’s him subconsciously trying to come off as manlier.

    You can tell he has a crush on you by his jitters. Is he confused, attracted but does not know what to say? Does he always end up saying absurd things? Observe his behavior, and you will know how to tell if a guy likes you.

    4. He makes you a priority

    You don’t have to tear off any more petals off roses in the pursuit of an answer. Know that if he values you and is worth it, he will be there for you. Not only will he make you his number 1 priority, but he will also open up to you. Why would he do that, you ask? That’s because he wants an emotional connection with you.

    Which means if you call him at 3 am, he’s going to leave sleep to be with you. This also means that he’s going to show you his vulnerabilities and share his secrets with you. However, for the latter pointer, keep in mind that some men are not big on sharing. So, your answer to does he have a crush on me does not start and end here.

    A guy who likes you is still going to hang around even when you are not looking, feeling or acting your best. Your comfort matters to him, he does not even care about any inconveniences in the path that leads to you.

    5. He sees you in his future

    Seems like you are not the only one brewing future plans! A guy who has feelings for you that go deep is sure to talk about you in the future tense too. He is going to mention your name not only in the short-term future but the long-term as well. So, no more wondering “does he think about me?” If you’re a part of his future plans, he sure does.

    For starters, if he likes you, his male friends surely know about you. Moreover, his family also knows you. He is likely to introduce you to his home mates if you don’t already know them. Other subtle signs include him looking for chances to introduce himself to your family and friends.

    Another one of the signs he’s into you and wants a future with you is that he is sharing. He shares all that he has with you. He also does not mind showing a wee bit of PDA such as handholding. That’s because does not want to hide his interest in you from the world.


    If you’re wondering does he like me and find yourself taking a does he like me quiz, know that your answers are out in the open already. You just need to put two and two together.

    To recap, signs when a guy likes you include the change in his body language and the way he acts nervous around you. When a guy puts in extra effort to get to know you and makes you his priority he is surely into you. He wants to take things further than the crush stage if he sees a future with you. If you want you hit on him too, make sure you know how to flirt with a guy first. You wouldn’t want to make a fool of yourself.

    Still confused about his intentions? Discuss your situation with a stranger online.

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