• My girlfriend likes to regress to a "little" state, which is fine with me. I am a full time student and often preoccupied with school. We are long distance; I live in Canada and she lives in the United States. We see each other for about 4 weeks of the year and known each other for 1 and a half years. She says I don't appreciate her enough, even though I try the only way I know how. I have been severely depressed and anxious... It's been so bad that I started Zoloft (antidepressant).
    She started posting nude photos on the internet in order to sell videos. It has occurred to me this past week that she has only made $50 or less in 6 weeks, and she has been rather active. Every time I discussed it, she went to work. So I talked to her about it this morning, and she says she continued doing it because she enjoys it. She feels like she is within reason to do this. I told her that it goes against my values and that I am not okay with this, and will likely impact our relationship if it does not cease. Obviously, she told me she would be okay if I posted explicit photos on the internet. I'm not against people posting photos on the internet, but her and I are in a relationship and I just feel so disrespected. She has me convinced that I am overreacting.

  • Leave her.

  • @forbiddenman said in My girlfriend treats me like a piece of shit:

    Leave her.

    Life is simple bro. I just love your answer 😂😂

  • @seloch You can't save someone who doesn't wanna be saved. I acknowledge you love her but meehn mental health before anything. You're schooling and you need your brain at it's best to keep up with the stress that school puts on scholars. And it some how breaks my heart telling you this but @ForbiddenMan is right. Leave her and if she really cares about you she'll stop contributing to your stress, say she's sorry and do her possible best to get back with you (if it's not too late by then) life is too short to be stressed as a student 😪😪😪

  • Easy solution: Fix your priorities. How? Like this:

    The more time something spends both in your mind AND in a nearby location, the more you should care about it and whatever affects it.

    Note that "whatever affects it" can be located far away, but "it" has to be physically located close to you.

    If something physical in your vicinity is affected by the continuation of your relationship, then the relationship is a priority, otherwise it is not.

  • Run hunny, no way to stay with a person who doesn't care their partner's boundaries and stuff, you will regret to spend so much time on this girl if you don't leave her right now