• Post your favorite quote or poem here? c:

  • travel by edna st vincent milay

  • Here's 2 poems I made:
    Because of COVID-19
    We have to quarantine
    Were stuck without fun
    Stuck with the sun
    We can go take a walk
    Need 6ft distance just to talk

    It's hard not going places you wish to go
    Tired of taking small steps in slo-mo
    We want to have fun
    Like kids playing, all on the run
    More visits and events
    Less reasons to prevent

    Hanging with a friend
    Not wanting that to end
    Please make it all start up again
    The world may never be the same
    The question I have is…
    Who and what is there to blame?

    Because of COVID-19
    We are all stuck to quarantine

    By: Audrey Jackson - Ellis



    The snow falls
    The sun hides
    The geese migrate
    It's warm inside
    The bells we hear
    Sing "Happy New Year"


    The wind blows
    The leaves grow
    The sun shines
    The birds chirp
    Flowers bloom
    Wind chimes chime,
    "It is now springtime"


    The grass is green
    The sun is high
    The birds sing
    Tomorrow awaits
    Stay up late
    And i'm doing great
    Wake up to a birds' song
    Cus' Summer can't go wrong


    The leaves from the trees
    They all break off with ease
    Kids go out to play
    One stops to say
    "I spy something yellow"
    Look there, a weeping willow!
    Then all the leaves call
    "We know we'd grow back
    But it's time for the fall"

  • @Toccami I mostly like Lana Rhoades and... Oh... you mean poem

  • @Vlad20 She's such a good christian poet.

  • @mikeJB I'll have to search this one up. c:

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