• LurkersForLife Chocolate Lovers ;) The Broken Banned

    I always seem to be, the enemy of your heart
    No matter what I say, I seem to tear you apart
    Forever on the wrong side, of this infinite fence
    If spoke from heart, would you still take offence?
    So angry at me, you donโ€™t see this hurts me too
    Even in lies, to hide the agony, you see whatโ€™s true
    Jump over, to find myself on the same side again
    Canโ€™t seem to figure this out, and stop all the pain
    My tears are forever falling, but hidden in the rain
    Storm that rages above me, is your fury and distain
    What I seem to feel, itโ€™s not enough for us to gain
    I can never reach you, when my words are foreign
    Slammed your door shut, and always find mine open
    But your arms only open, when my heart is so broken
    Can I ever find solace, when nothing can go unspoken?
    Do I have to be at deaths door, before I am forgiven?
    So wrapped up in what you feel, you donโ€™t see me inside
    Nothing left for me to say, no one left to which I confide
    Alone and battered, as I hold all my feelings to the side
    Trapped and lost in a world, I donโ€™t understand but reside
    As if thereโ€™s time in my life, I want back after times I tried
    You donโ€™t understand and youโ€™re always, so angry at me
    Illusion that we could ever work, I just want to be free
    I sit in silence and try to comprehend, what is my reality
    But never a peaceful thought, is conjured from your fury
    I can never leave, but I can take anymore of this battery
    I sometimes welcome death, but itโ€™s just easier to cry
    So much hate of me, would you be happy if I was to die
    You donโ€™t see what this is doing to me, donโ€™t wish to defy
    But you never see anything in me, how I wish I could fly
    To leave this time and place, to another moment to ask why?

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