All is One ,One is All. # Part 2 (Stranger Danger's 1st literature on TWS )

  • Part 2 : (Middle)

    I have not seen God .
    I donot know about him.
    But at that moment looking at those lights ,that golden lifestream of Humanity I was struck speechless.

    Words fail, the wind dies and the earth comes to a rest, In stillness, a new aspect of all things emerge.
    I was seeing the essence of Humanity & I came to a realizationโ€ฆ A realization that shook me to my core.
    God was in us .

    We are Gods & Gods are us .
    God is love.
    Not platonic ,not sexual ...but simple existence.
    Being here for each other. Helping one another.
    The caring we hold ,the sympathy & empathy we bear ...this Love we hold for one another.
    God could naught be more beautiful a sight than this.
    Nothing could be more Enchanting than this.

    alt text

    Simply love, kindness and understanding. The virtue that repairs the world with gentle embrace.

    Forlorn, compulsory, like a deep river or a dispute calmed by touch and remembrance. These tears of ours, that don't fall, they cascade.
    Formed formless. The measure of simple and devastating things, like warm embrace, forgiven sins and Love.

    Ephemeral ..such can be the only description possible by the mouths of mortals ... How does one succinctly describe the font from which kindness springs ?
    Such is the mystery that I faced.

    & yet I saw it ,i felt it ,i heard it ... I perceived its existence everywhere.

    alt text

    That old woman buying things for her grandchildren
    That thief stealing for his hungry kids.
    That father disciplining his children ,only for their future good
    Everywhere there were love..

    Black spots marked quite a few places ,but this kaleidoscope of light overwhelmed such blemishes .

    Love is our salvation.

    My mind was overflowing.
    "Look away from the lights!"
    Man was never meant to comprehend this nature ...& i had suddenly witnessed its full glory.

    A chorus of many, a song of multitude, a dream with many dreamers.
    So many wills sung unto the Earth.

    alt text

    Light was beginning to fill my vision and my headache grew unbearably painful.
    I was seeing spots of white in front of my eyes.

    A still whisper at dusk, a cry out for me at midnight
    As if in response to my tired calls,
    a wave crashes,
    sounding out the end and beginning of dreaming.

    The light ebbs & wanes & so do I.

    alt text

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    The second part is better.

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    @stranger_danger I shall write more when i have time...

  • @evan-elderson Dude ,you already write enough.
    Lol ,you have quite the stores of poetry & stories. ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘

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    So, God is an interesting topic. I was raised in a non-denominational Christian church. I was planning on being a pastor at one time. I fervently studied and strived to be a beacon of the religion... but then something happened. Lies, theft, hypocrisy, sexual misconduct- all the bad things you hear about in religious horror stories. I became jaded and walked away at 17, however, a lot of the fundamentals stayed with me (Do unto others, let the first one without sin, love thy neighbor, faith of a mustard seed...). Since then, I have sought to understand more about the world and how our civilization came about and what integral impact religions had on humanity.

    I went as far back as to El the "Mountain God" in Sumerian / Mesopotamian / Acadian civilization, also known as the "Most High God" (Lucifer's name for his master). The early Semetics later called him El-Shaddai (because El literally meant "the") Shaddai means "Almighty" but back then it meant "Shadow" because the Mountain God was a harsh god who cast a shadow over his subjects. His people were known as El-ites because they were superior warriors who fought in his name. Even to this day, the word elite envokes images of greatness and power.

    But where the Elites traveled, another group equally powerful followed a harder path. Their origins came from a dying boy and the cries of his slave mother cast out into the desert by the "Father of Many Nations." The slave mother cried out to God to spare her son and God promised he would indeed survive and build a nation to rival the Elites. So the boy, Ishmael (who was the firstborn), built a powerful nation under the rule of "The One God" who, to this day, still fight the sons and daughters of Abraham or Ibrahim and their "Almighty God."

    It is amazing how history and religion are so intertwined. You can almost envision how everything came about. I have a video which I think is awesome and talks about how we were present when God spoke the words let there be light. You may have seen it before, so forgive me if you have-

    There is also a comic which talks about how God may have been bored and broke himself into tiny pieces and created humans and animals to experience life on Earth... here is the link-

    So, a slice of my thoughts on God...

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    "A still whisper at dusk, a cry out for me at midnight
    As if in response to my tired calls,
    a wave crashes,
    sounding out the end and beginning of dreaming."

    As if all of prays sounded. .
    As if all of my words granted. .
    But all i got is vacant.

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    @stranger_danger I intend to respond to this better... god, the cosmos and where we fit in.

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