• AN : There has been heavy rainstorm & lightning where i am .
    It's cloudy ,cold & refreshing now ...the weather seems perfect for a deep introspective piece of literature .

    I was recently quite sick & during that time i thought to finalize this piece & release it.
    This Story is in 3 parts .
    I'll link them all down .

    Part 1 : (Beginning)

    I was going for a walk when it happened.

    I often go on walks, just to clear my head and get away from it all.
    To escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
    To find myself. To really think about things.

    That seems much deeper than what it really is actually.
    I just have this perfect time between needing to work and needing to eat every day that I use for my daily exercise.
    The thinking thing just happens thanks to not having anything else to do for half an hour.

    So, I had just reached the half way point and was turning around when I looked back on the city I had just left behind.

    alt text

    I was coming up to the top of a hill when I looked down at the well lit town, and the view was as good as it always was.

    Don’t get me wrong, if you saw it for the first time you would think that it was amazing, but after the second hundred mark even the most beautiful of scenery can get repetitive.

    Something was different today though, something big.

    alt text

    From up on that hill you can see hundreds of buildings lit up as they continue their work into the night, thousands of headlights moving from place to place, from light to light.

    The wind passes the grass in waves, carrying with it the seed of growth. Flowing across the landscape and burrowing into the cool soil.

    Plant-life seeks the sky and with it the dominion of life expands. The roots settle, it is the season for blossoming.
    It was as beautiful as always.

    But today there was something off about all those lights.
    Something was more to them.

    It hit me just then, a memory of something somebody must have said to me once, a word with the strangest meaning.
    I remembered it with impossible clarity.


    A Noun.

    The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own ?
    populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherited craziness ?

    An epic story that continues invisibly around you like an anthill sprawling deep underground, with elaborate passageways to thousands of other lives that you’ll never know existed, in which you might appear only once, as an extra sipping coffee in the background, as a blur of traffic passing on the highway, as a lighted window at dusk.

    alt text

    I have no idea at all how I knew that word for word but something far more pressing was weighing on my mind.

    Every one of those lights was a person. Not faceless people, a person with dreams and fears and a lot of other things.
    Every person was a light.
    There were thousands of lights in front of me.
    There were thousands of lives I had not realized existed until just this moment.

    No. No, there were more.
    There were tens of thousands. Hundreds. Millions. Billions.
    Thousands of thousands of thousands, all so real.
    All. So. Painfully. Real.

    The specter’s march past me by the thousand
    By the thousand thousands and many more,
    Infinite upon infinite
    They don't look back
    I stare on.

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    Dedicated to all the Special People here -
    @TeenTouch(Thanks for being my First Friend :hugging_face: ) ,
    @TheStrangest(You're awesome :sunglasses: ) ,
    @US-poet(God ,please Judge my piece :innocent: ) ,
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    & so many more ...i would type ,but dang this is exhausting !!!
    Just include yourself in this list.

  • Good Read. Do you have a blog or something? Or writing is only a hobby for you?
    Your answer to my post is also profound. Interesting.

  • Thanks buddy!! Nice story, whoa, I didn't know you could write so well.

  • @liliputian Nah dude ,i'm writing for my own novel series.
    But i dont blog or anything.

    Just write short pieces if the fancy strikes me. :relaxed: :relaxed:

  • @stranger_danger aww thank you for the dedication strangey!!!!
    What you wrote was beautiful.
    It also made me extremely small and extremely emotionally overwhelmed. To think that we are nothing but a speck of dust in this universe makes me feel so little but as the same time in unburdened.
    I remembered what my friend would always tell me when times get hard.
    The world is big, we are nothing but a tiny presence. Our problems now may seem big but its nothing compared to this colossal universe. This shall also pass. We can do this.
    .....Or something like that
    I am always comforted whenever I hear her say that.
    I miss ya, my friend ☺️

  • @zazzles Sounds like a wise friend.
    Probably would have hit it off well with her.
    I like stimulating converstaions. :relaxed: :relaxed:

    Neil Degriss Tysons video "Pale blue Dot" really puts things into perscpective of how little we truly are in the cosmos.
    That was an inspiration actually.

  • @catwoman I usually like to be a smartass.
    But sometimes..just sometimes :ok_hand: :ok_hand: ...I like being introspective. :thinking_face: :thinking_face: :nerd_face: :nerd_face: :joy:

  • Veteran Mods One Woman Army

    What can I say abt this post......firstly its longass :joy: but secondly.....everything is perfect. You've put all of this so right. Love it!

    Partners In Crime

    partners in crime
    You are the girl tho^

    Thanks for mentioning my name buddy.
    PS - Always wanted to mention this but never got the chance :joy::joy: :joy: .....You misspelled stranger as stanger for the first few days at TWS (Am I right? Yes I am.)

  • You misspelled stranger as stanger for the first few days of TWS (Am I right? Yes I am.)



    Exactly ...dude i didnt think anyone noticed !!
    Dies of shame :joy: :joy: :joy:

  • @stranger_danger I did notice on the very first day and it was funny. @STANGER_DANGER

  • @sup :pensive: :pensive: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

    alt text

    :joy: :joy:

  • @catwoman said in All is One ,One is All. # Part 1 (Stranger Danger's 1st literature on TWS ):

    Thanks buddy!! Nice story, whoa, I didn't know you could write so well.

    Damn! Hulk claps for you.....WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT!!!!!

  • @stranger_danger said in All is One ,One is All. # Part 1 (Stranger Danger's 1st literature on TWS ):

    @catwoman I usually like to be a smartass.
    But sometimes..just sometimes :ok_hand: :ok_hand: ...I like being introspective. :thinking_face: :thinking_face: :nerd_face: :nerd_face: :joy:

    googles introspective
    Yes Me too I usually(Everytime) like to be smartass.....but sometimes being introspective is a must.

  • @stranger_danger I'm impressed even Vladimir Putin was too

    DYNAMIC? LOL WHATS SO DYNAMIC ABOUT ME? :thinking_face: :smirk:

  • @im-bored Hey that was my joke :( :( .
    I've used it 10000 of times.

    Even Putin claps for you:

  • @sup @IM-BORED Clearly ,great minds think alike. :hugging_face: :hugging_face:

  • @stranger_danger Ok that could be a possibility.

  • @stranger_danger Dude this is perfect. Simply beautiful and elegant. Love it Soulmate!!!

    all hail THE REPTILE KING

  • @rendezvous :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

    Really means a lot to hear that dude . :kissing_heart:

    alt text

  • @stranger_danger said in All is One ,One is All. # Part 1 (Stranger Danger's 1st literature on TWS ):

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

    So am I the guardian who keeps an eye on other guardians or I am the guardian who needs an eye kept on him?

    alt text