You are NOT asking for ALOT, you are just asking the WRONG person

  • The wrong person can be the right person if you are willing to make the effort to be YOUR person. Otherwise, you sit patiently and wait for the one that you dont have to ask anything for :). Not for love, affection, honesty, respect, etc. Its quite degrading to have to ask the person you are with for the things they should be willing to give freely. This goes for both men and women!!. If you have to ask your patner for love/sex, and they give you a hard time for wanting to love them, STOP!!!. Stop giving what isnt given!!, stop asking for what you know you cant get!!. If someone wants,they will!!! No excuses, no fuss no shyt!!

  • @ragnar Wrong person can never be the right person, even when you put all your effort to make them yours, make them feel special, or love everything about them, even their flaws and imperfections. He will leave you in a vulnerable condition. He will hide things from you. He will think that you don't "understand" him, even when you try your best. He would NEVER acknowledge your efforts. You'll end up begging , crying, losing yourself. So it's better, achieve the aim of your life first. The right one will meet you when the the time comes. BE HAPPY, KEEP SMILING!!!

  • Gamers

    hmmmmm wondering when will that person come

  • thanks for that one made me realize a great deal of time i've ya man :))))))