• with thy breath. i shall remain alone in darkness. for this night covered me like flowers. with his sword unstained; from his hand he grasp'd. i could see through tearful eyes that seemed fantastical. in his eyes a magnifying power was barely to be seen. A soldier once, dying for love. i was just a blue-eyed damsel . A girl who sits alone far away from light. all my life i've saved some other reasons to keep living on. across The path you stand barefoot. Your looks are skinny and when the question was asked directed at me i was gone
    by the time you had finished. their He was holding his breath, standing there waiting for me.

  • please write a book :)

  • That's Fascinating .. Miss Author

  • ABOOBS Chocolate Lovers ;) ♡ soul searchers ♡ SEEKERS

    This price its your writing is just awesome Emma👍👍👍..........
    Really is just amazing and true .......
    You are a true writer ☺️☺️

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