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    What i like about you?
    You asked, I stared.
    I thought deeply, longing to blurt out.
    However the younger days, my rashness, gone.
    Restraint I've learned in quadruple servings.

    But I was still expected, answer required.
    Half assured I assumed my role of admirer.
    I thought of your smile, refreshingly enjoyed. The sight as mesmerising as the unknown in fog.

    I even considered mentioning your fiery curves.
    Tantalising, as if meant to draw man as bee to honey.
    Would that do I asked?

    No, I know it would not.
    I stood steadfast, to my new resolve.

    Should I refer your hair or voice?
    As even a dream deferred I realized the one that stood tallest of all.
    One without question, she knew it best.

    The laughter, pure and void of restraint.
    How could one miss this simple, but blessed gift?
    For to complement any other before this, would be a shame, no an atrocity.

    I could stand for days in admiration.
    Even listing a thousand thousand syllabus of how wonderful you are.
    The stream would all but end of how I could describe you.

    However none could compare, to that laugh.
    As unbridled as the ocean, mighty and deep.
    A sound pure, snow white as the tundra.
    This dear __, is what I like most.

  • Drove through Browning,
    East of Glacier
    on the Blackfoot Reservation,
    A place of no outward warmth
    stands alone on the barren high plains

    The twisted wreckage of a town,
    built on the bones of broken promises
    hope leans hard here,
    harder than the telephone poles
    matchstick effigies

    The sky hangs low and gray,
    pressing lazily against the town
    where no one walks at dusk,
    except to chance fate
    or buy a lottery ticket at the grocery store

    I saw a girl skipping around her backyard
    filled with rusty wheel hubs,
    she climbed up the unpainted fence
    peering at the cars driving by
    her hair wrapped around her face

  • @Evil_Dead awe I was enjoying that.

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    @fuqU here you go

  • damn cj.......why did that make me wanna cry? low key

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  • never said, never happy. always the moon, going under!
    then i laughed en told the story of her and how she murdered me.
    never warm, never cold, that story should never be ........
    the warmth of my blood told a different story my shoes to be sold